About project:

Sputnik Web is a service which opens up new opportunities in the field of online cartography:

1. Create and publish your maps

2. Unleash the full potential of your UAV with getting 3D models

3. Provide users access to your projects without extra software

Use a browser which supports WebGL to run Sputnik Web on your PC or a smartphone.

Sputnik Web can help you create different types of cartographic materials. Upload aerial photographs from your UAV, process them with Sputnik Web and get a 3D terrain model (DTM). Upload geodata (different formats available) for producing digital maps.

Sputnik Web has a different measuring instruments which you can use in order to take measurements on 3D map. Measure distances, areas and heights on the surface of the virtual globe and 3D models

We are constantly working on improving and expanding the tools and functions of Sputnik Web, so if you have any comments or suggestions we are always ready to listen and bring them to life.